From the 30th year of our life, the shrinkage of epidermis, dermis and fatty tissue due to age increases – above all in the cheeks and in the area between the nose and the lips (nasolabial crease). This sagging of the skin often allows deep rings to form at the lower eyelids. These and other changes can be treated with lipofilling to great advantage.

Autologous autologous fat reconstruction is the most natural way to replenish tissue deficiencies. In this method, small quantities of autologous fat are taken from the abdomen or thighs for example, processed by special methods and then injected specifically into the area being treated. This method is particularly suitable for minor defects, for the injection of scars or wrinkles, and for lip augmentation (lip filling). In some cases several sessions are necessary in order to achieve the desired effect. Thanks to this modern technique, familiar complications such as oil cysts and scleroses are rare.

The augmentation of breast volume with fatty tissue from the patient's own body is a special indication. Here, both congenital asymmetries of the breasts and congenital or acquired volume deficiency (e.g. following pregnancy) can be compensated for.

Tissue modulation is also possible in connection with an implant (see also breast augmentation).

INDICATION: contour deficiencies, indentations, scars and dimpling, tissue deficiencies due to age and after operations

TREATMENT: removal, processing and injection with special instruments


ANAESTHETIC: local or general anaesthetic / semi-conscious sedation

RESULT: after approx. 3 months



POSSIBLE COMPLICATIONS: unevenness, inflammation, tissue breakdown

DURABILITY: loss rate approx. 40%, lifelong durability after healing provided body weight remains constant

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