Breast reduction

The reason for a breast reduction (so-called reduction mammoplasty) may be cosmetic and / or medical. Women with very large breasts may suffer from chronic back pain and tension, problems caused by bra straps cutting into their flesh, and skin infections in the duplicature of the breast. Apart from that, they are often severely hampered when it comes to physical activities. Particularly in younger women, these physical problems are often accompanied by psychological stress.

In very pronounced individual cases, the health insurance provider will cover the costs of a breast reduction.

There are various different operation techniques. The selection of the right one depends on factors such as the size and texture of the breast.

The aim of a breast reduction and lift, like that of a breast lift, is to re-elevate the mammary glands and nipples, which gravity has caused to sag, to their original position, removing surplus, sagging skin and thus giving the breast as a whole a more attractive look. Having said that, a considerable part of the mammary gland and the fatty tissue is also removed, and the mammary gland is reshaped.

The nipples and the areola can also be reduced correctively in this operation. Surgically, the operation normally consists in making an incision around the areola, another, vertical incision starting from the lower areola through the lower half of the breast, and finally a curved incision in the skin duplicature below the breast.


ANAESTHETIC: general anaesthetic


AFTER-TREATMENT: compression bra for 6 weeks

PRESENTABILITY, RETURN TO WORK: depending on findings and occupational stress

SPORT: after 4 – 6 weeks, full performance after 12 weeks

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