Breast removal (mastectomy)

The partial or complete amputation (breast preservation therapy or mastectomy) of one or both breasts is often necessary in the context of cancerous disease.

In the context of interdisciplinary integrative medicine, collaboration with the oncosurgical breast center is recommended here, as this way of pointing out future pathways for the patient at an early stage, e.g. cheap scar guides for a breast restoration can be considered.

In some cases, as part of a genetic consultation, the preventive removal of the mammary glands and replacement with an implant is also recommended (so-called »Angelina Jolie syndrome«), as in this way the risk of falling ill with breast cancer during the course of one’s life can be reduced very considerably.

Breast amputation can also be performed in the context of woman-to-man gender reassignment.

In the context of breast removal, timely and comprehensive advice on possible reconstructive surgical procedures is important.

The course of the illness, the time at which the wish for reconstruction is expressed, and the type of reconstruction vary greatly from patient to patient, and they depend on many factors, such as the preliminary findings following cancer therapy, the wishes of the patient, and the latter’s general life situation.

DURATION OF OPERATION: 90 minutes or longer

ANAESTHETIC: general anaesthetic

HOSPITALISATION: normally 3 – 5 days

AFTER-TREATMENT: compression bandaging for 6 weeks

PRESENTABILITY, RETURN TO WORK: depending on occupation and life circumstances

SPORT: after 6 weeks, full performance after 12 weeks

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