Dermabrasion for skin renewal

Our skin is exposed to both natural aging processes and damaging environmental influences. This causes the uppermost skin layer to keratinise over time and the cutaneous scales to die off. So that our skin stays soft and finely pored in spite of all that, it is a good idea to remove the dead skin cells gently on a regular basis. Dermabrasion is excellent for this. Normal peeling, by contrast, is often insufficient and the effect only holds for a short while.

Dermabrasion is a mechanical peeling technique in which the uppermost layer of skin is removed in a controlled way, either manually or with a fine crystal or sandblasting device, using special micro-crystals (micro-fine quartz sand, aluminium oxide, diamond polishers etc.) and vacuum. This treatment stimulates the natural regeneration of the skin and visibly improves its appearance. After the treatment, the skin regenerates quickly and forms a new, healthy layer which is particularly receptive to care products.

Because it is applied on the surface only, dermabrasion is a method with very few complications, and it is suitable for almost any skin type.

In many cases, it makes good sense to combine dermabrasion with a skin peel. This is indicated, for example, in the treatment of deep acne scars.

INDICATION: unwelcome facial wrinkles, coarse-pored skin, acne scars, keratinised skin areas, damage caused by light and sunlight, pigmentary abnormalities, age marks, ugly scars, weak connective tissue, uneven, slack or stressed skin structure, anti-aging

TREATMENT: mechanical peeling of the skin

RESULT: visible after regeneration of the skin, more than one session sometimes necessary

DURATION OF TREATMENT: approx. 30 minutes


POSSIBLE COMPLICATIONS: peeling, reddening, inflammation

DURABILITY: approx. 12 months, permanent in the case of scar treatment

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