Body lift

The slackening of the skin and soft tissue mantle in the context of the loss of elasticity which accompanies advancing age, and in particular after extreme weight loss, can affect the whole body. Especially when a great deal of weight has been shed, this slackening of the skin can seriously impair the self-esteem of the person affected. This is because on the one hand, he or she has achieved a great success in terms of health improvement by losing so much weight, but no longer feels comfortable in his or her own – now unfamiliar – skin. In order not to place excessive stress on the patient, a satisfactory lifting effect is not achieved in one operation, but in several microsurgical operations.

If a man's chest has begun to sag, a so-called »chest lift«, in which the nipples are positioned correctly, can reestablish a handsome contour. If possible, the scars are positioned in such a way as to be on the side of the thorax and thus not visible when the arms are hanging in a normal lateral position.

For women, this lift of the surplus skin around the breast is also possible. In special cases, indeed, part of the surplus skin can be used to replenish a sagging, »empty« breast with the patient's own tissue.

The so-called "bodylift", ie the whole body tightening, is used when not only in the front of the abdominal skin and venus hillock area of the skin soft tissue coat, hanging down, but this excess also in the hip, back and buttocks area and in the lateral thigh section continues.

In these cases, it makes good sense to draw up a multi-stage treatment plan together with the patient. Your health insurance provider should be involved in the process early on in respect of funding, to see whether or not they are prepared to cover some of the costs.

INDICATION: slack skin and soft tissue on the whole body, in particular chest wall, back, hips, buttocks, sides of thighs

HOSPITALISATION: approx. 3 – 7 days

DURATION OF OPERATION: 2 hours or longer

ANAESTHETIC: general anaesthetic

PRESENTABILITY, RETURN TO WORK: after approx. 3 weeks

SPORT: after approx. 6 – 12 weeks

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