Correction and lifting of the mons pubis

Many women perceive a voluminous or slack mons pubis, a.k.a. mons veneris or simply ‘mons’, as aesthetically unattractive, and this can have a negative effect on the quality of their life and may even be perceived as disruptive in intimate contact. For example, on account of a hereditary excess of tissue in the region of the mons pubis or excess weight, the pubic region can become very prominent and show a clear outline beneath close-fitting garments.

By contrast, the mons pubis may slacken because of a general weakness in the connective tissue, or slackness may be caused or exacerbated by major hormonal changes such as those occasioned by the menopause or pregnancy. Because of the poor quality of the tissue and the skin, stretchmarks may then also form in the area of the mons pubis.

Procedure in a correction or lift of the mons pubis

At the consultation, we will talk about your personal wishes in detail and take the time to explain all the steps in the procedure precisely. First, we will conduct a thorough anamnesis with you to find out about any possible risk factors and discuss your ideas in particular with regard to what is actually feasible. After that, the region of your mons pubis and, if appropriate, the potential liposuction sites, will be examined closely. We set great store here by safeguarding your intimacy, because we know how much trust you’re putting in us in presenting your problem zone.

For a reduction of the mons pubis, liposuction is eminently suitable, since as a rule it is an excessive accumulation of fatty tissue in the area that is involved here. We use a vibration-assisted system (VAL – vibration-assisted liposuction) for the reduction of the mons pubis. The small stab incisions, about half a centimetre in size, are made in skin folds or in the pubic area which is covered in hairs, so that later on the scars will be very inconspicuous. The general procedure is similar to that of a liposuction in other parts of the body.

Depending on the findings, it may make good sense subsequently to perform a reduction of the mons pubis so as to achieve an overall result that you find aesthetically appealing. And for a lift of the mons pubis, also depending on the findings in your own particular case, there may be a choice between externally applied methods and surgical methods.

For a lift of the mons pubis without an operation, we use medical cosmetics programmes with which a general skin lift and an improvement in the quality of the connective tissue can be brought about. In surgical needling, small pricks are made in the skin with the aid of a needle roller. Then, various different vitamin solutions are applied, and they stimulate the skin to synthesise new collagen. This method initiates the body’s own regeneration mechanisms and gives your skin new firmness and elasticity.

However, a mons pubis lift can also be performed in the context of an abdominal wall or lower abdomen lift, in which, accordingly, the incision is made above the mons pubis. In these cases it is often possible to use existing scars (for example after a Caesarean section) and to improve them in the process. Moreover, lipofilling is also suitable for giving more firmness to a slack mons pubis. Here, fatty tissue is taken from your ‘problem areas’, which can also have some nice side effects, subjected to special reprocessing, and then reintroduced in the region of the mons pubis. In this way, it is not only possible to achieve a natural, lasting volume with fatty tissue from your own body; the newly introduced stem cells also bring about an improvement in the firmness and quality of the skin in the long term.

If old scars are already present, we try to make use of them here too.

We will be glad to discuss which method is suitable for you and how long the operation will take in your own individual case.

After correction or lifting of the mons pubis

After the surgery you will be taken to our recovery room, where you will be looked after and monitored by a qualified member of our staff.

Since as a rule this operation is performed as an out-patient operation with semi-conscious sedation, you will be able to go home again the same day. A straightforward liposuction can also be carried out with a local anaesthetic (so-called tumescent solution). Having said that, for the next 24 hours you should have a trusted adult at your side who can keep an eye on you and act in an emergency.

As for the aftercare, it will depend on what surgical methods were actually used.

When you can expect the final result depends on the method used. After a mons pubis reduction by means of liposuction and a surgical lift or padding out of the mons pubis by lipofilling, the final result will become apparent after about 4-6 months.

If you opted for an improvement of the quality of your skin by surgical needling or special cosmetics, you must expect a treatment period of at least 2 months before you can see a clear improvement in the tissue quality. With these non-invasive methods, moreover, several cycles of treatment normally need to be carried out to achieve a satisfactory long-term result.

Can I combine a reduction of my mons pubis with a lift?
You can. We’ll be happy to advise you on this in more detail at the initial interview.

When can I get back to doing sports?
You should avoid any activities which put great strain on the scars or cause vibrations in the regions treated. After about 2 weeks, depending on your individual findings, you can start back in with long walks. After a lifting operation, however, you shouldn’t resume gentle sport until after about 6 months. Until then, you should take it easy physically. With needling you don’t need to observe these restrictions. You’ll be champing at the bit again just a few days after the operation.

How long should I refrain from sexual intercourse?
After a correction of the mons pubis, you should wait until the bruising has subsided and more or less completely disappeared before having intercourse. If you have had a mons pubis lift as part of an abdominal wall lift, you should wait at least 8 weeks so as not to disrupt the healing of the wound and formation of the scar.

What does a reduction or a lift of the mons pubis cost?
The costs of a mons pubis reduction by liposuction start at about €1,500.
The costs of the lifting methods start at about:
€200 (every 2-3 months) for the medical cosmetics programme
€1,000 for surgical needling
€3,000 for a lower abdomen lift
€4,000 for lipofilling.
The overall costs depend on the amount of time and the cost of medication. They comprise the costs of the operation itself, the anaesthetic and the post-operative care.

Will my health insurance provider meet the costs of a mons pubis correction?
No. A mons pubis correction, whether it is a reduction or a lift, is an operation performed for purely aesthetic reasons.
Only in very rare exceptional cases of severe physical impairment will a health insurance provider meet the costs of such an operation.


DURATION OF OPERATION: from approx. 30 minutes to 2 hours

ANAESTHETIC: tumescent anaesthetic / semi-conscious sedation / general anaesthetic



AFTER-TREATMENT: cooling, if necessary compression underwear for 6 weeks (after lifting or liposuction)


SPORT: after approx. 1 week to 3 months

COST: from €1,000 (surgical needling)

Ask our advice.

We’ll be glad to provide you with detailed information about this treatment. Simply get in touch with us now and obtain advice at an individual and absolutely personal level.

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