Surgical needling for a skin lift

Surgical needling is a form of treatment which leads to a permanent improvement in skin quality and a clearly visible lift of your skin. In the process of surgical needling, also known as medical needling, percutaneous collagen induction therapy or the microneedle method, small injuries (microlesions) are inflicted on the skin under carefully controlled pressure using a roller equipped with numerous needles. These needles provide a stimulus for the skin cells without destroying them.

With the surgical needling method, certain receptors are stimulated in such a way that there is increased secretion of growth factors for the production of new collagen fibres and hyaluronic acid. These factors are responsible for the elasticity and firmness of the connective tissue. This deliberate injury of the skin does not impair its protective function, since the uppermost layer of skin closes up again of its own accord after only a few minutes. After the treatment, the skin is much more receptive to care products, which also stimulate the production of collagens, thus enhancing the lifting effect in the long term.

With surgical needling, the quality of extensive scars, e.g. after burns or scalding, can also be improved markedly.

In many cases, it makes good sense to combine surgical needling with treatment with botulinal toxin, hyaluronic acid or a thread lift.

INDICATION: loss of elasticity and contour, ‘strawberry chin’, wan and tired skin, irregular or large-pored skin, acne scars, scars from burns, stretchmarks (‘pregnancy stretchmarks’), crumpled or thin skin, skin blotches, smoker’s skin, cellulitis

TREATMENT: micro-needle roller, skin stimulation cocktails

RESULT: Just one day after the treatment, the skin already looks firmer. Even the smallest creases can be seen to be much less deep. During the course of a few weeks the wrinkles become flatter and fine creases vanish.

DURATION OF TREATMENT: usually, treatment course over 12 weeks (6 sessions at fortnightly intervals)


POSSIBLE COMPLICATIONS: tried and tested treatment with low side effect rate – in isolated cases there may be minor external side effects (e.g. reddening, inflammation)

DURABILITY: approx. 12 months

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