Abdominal wall lift

Major weight loss, fluctuations in weight and genetic predisposition can lead to a slackening of the skin on the abdominal wall which is then no longer able to be returned to its original form, even with dieting and sporting activities. Furthermore, on account of the great changes in volume in the abdominal region, the skin and connective tissue can be overstretched and may hang over after a pregnancy (»mommy makeover«).

A lift of the abdominal wall (abdominoplasty) can help to remove this problem area by ridding the patient of surplus skin and fatty tissue in the abdominal region. In some cases it is only necessary to detach the abdominal wall over a small area, and that makes the operation easier on the patient as a whole. The subsequent scar is inside the bikini­ zone and thus hardly gets noticed at all. Sometimes, however, the abdominal wall needs to be mobilised all the way up to the midriff to achieve the desired effect. After that, the navel is channelled out in its original position again via the abdominal wall.

In many cases, lifting of the abdominal muscles is also necessary in order to provide appropriate therapy for so-called »diastasis recti«, i.e. separation of the straight abdominal muscles, typically after pregnancy, and narrow the waist.

If necessary, after the classical lifting of the skin on the lower abdomen, subcutaneous fat is also taken away on the side of the abdomen and removed from the midriff by suction. In certain cases, a lifting of the abdominal wall should also be combined with liposuction in two stages. If the skin is scar-free and has no pregnancy stretch marks (lineae albicantes gravidarum), and if there is only a slight surplus of skin, a single session of liposuction may lead to the desired result.

With extreme forms of weight loss such as can lead to the formation of an apron of fat with skin irritations and functional problems, the patient's health insurance provider may bear part of the costs. This indication is often found in men.

What kind of abdominal wall lift may be the right option for you depends both on your wishes and expectations and on the clinical findings. It should be discussed in detail in a personal consultation prior to the treatment.

INDICATION: surplus skin, e.g. following severe weight loss occasioned by illness, or following a diet or pregnancy

HOSPITALISATION: out-patient, or in-patient up to 5 days


ANAESTHETIC: general anaesthetic


SPORT: after approx. 6 – 12 weeks

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