From us, you can obtain
and confidential advice
on any aspect of your treatment whatsoever

Treatment in plastic and aesthetic surgery is based on a relationship of trust between the doctor and the patient. Since it’s very important to us to have a good relationship with you, we’ll be glad to advise you personally in our practice at any time. And it goes without saying that we’ll be at your service with advice on questions of cost coverage and financing. Simply get in touch with us and ask.

Advice and consultation

Successful treatment begins with good advice

In a personal consultation, we first discuss the reason for your visit as well as your wishes and ideas. Afterwards, we will talk about the treatment options that we consider to be of interest to you. We’ll give you a detailed explanation of the possible course of the treatment and, if possible, illustrate it to you with some case histories. If after this consultation you decide in favour of treatment in our practice, we will draw up a treatment plan with you and take you through a thorough examination.

In view of the fact that surgical treatment not only offers many opportunities but also involves risks, it is a matter of particular importance to us to inform you openly and in detail about both. Apart from that, we will talk about any anaesthesia that may be necessary, about the subsequent healing process, and about the costs and invoicing options. If at that point you have any questions that have not been covered, we’ll be glad to answer them too. And of course, you can make another appointment for a consultation at any time if you wish. Making the right decision is a process in which we’ll be happy to accompany you.

We would like to point out politely that we charge a fee of € 50 for aesthetic consultations.

Counselling and supervision

Personal supervision from the outset

An operation is often associated with fear and may cause anxiety about the possible consequences. So it’s all too understandable that you want individual supervision and a personal relationship with the doctor who’ll be treating you.

From the first day, we want to give you the attention you need to address your concerns and discuss issues that seem important to you with you. It’s important to us that you feel comfortable with us, and sure that you’re in good hands at all times.


Insurance is there to protect against any damage that may occur

The operations we perform normally involve very little risk. However, in spite of the very greatest care, they do carry health risks, just like any other operation, and these may entail costs. With the amendment of the health reform law from the year 2007 patients have to bear the costs of an aftertreatment for a medical operation not indicated outside of the catalog of benefits of the statutory health insurance companies.

So in some cases it is advisable to take out insurance against follow-up costs, thus minimising the financial imponderabilities of any consequential treatment that may become necessary. We’ll be glad to discuss the topic of cost coverage at our first consultation with you.
Do you have any questions on insurance against follow-up costs? Just come and talk to us about it – we’ll be glad to advise you.


Some services will be covered by the »Kasse«.

But in medicine there are (alternative) methods of treatment and therapy, the costs of which are considered not to be medically necessary by the health insurance provider, for which reason they are not covered. These so-called non-contractual benefits must be borne in part by the patient himself.

However, if genuine health aspects are also taken into account, it may be that some of the health insurance providers will cover part of the costs. As an alternative, there are options for financing medical treatment via various financial service providers – for example the possibility of paying in monthly instalments. We’ll be glad to talk about the topic of financing at our very first consultation with you.
Do you have any questions on the subject of financing? Just come and talk to us about it – we’ll be glad to advise you.


High quality branded products support the treatment and cure success

in aftercare following aesthetic treatment above all, medical and cosmetic branded products make good sense and are extremely helpful. They are often gentler than cheap no-name products, and in most cases they support and speed up the healing process better as well.

As a rule, we only use products whose effect we have observed over many years in practice and which we can therefore recommend to you in good conscience.
Do you have any questions on the topic of care products? Just come and talk to us about it – we’ll be glad to advise you.

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