Treatment of facial injuries

If acute facial injuries are not given proper initial and after-treatment, scars which cause problems in the long term can form, and these may stigmatise the person affected. With children in particular, exuberant scarring often causes conspicuous disfigurement.

With special after-treatment methods, scars can be made to heal in such a way that they are inconspicuous.

Even much later on, a marked improvement can be achieved in many cases by microsurgical measures, for example the removal of foreign bodies and scar correction. Local flap grafts and plastic relaxing operation techniques are used here.

In cases of disfigurement or functional restrictions resulting from a facial injury, your health insurance provider may cover part of the costs.

Ask for our advice on how your facial injury too can be made to look inconspicuous.

INDICATION: initial microsurgical treatment of acute facial injuries, after-treatment of facial injuries, scar corrections

HOSPITALISATION: normally out-patient

DURATION OF OPERATION: 30 minutes or longer

ANAESTHETIC: usually local anaesthetic

RESULT: initial preliminary result visible after approx. 1 week


SPORT: after approx. 2 weeks

Ask our advice.

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