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FAQ Anesthesia:
Here you will find answers
to the most frequently asked questions

After out-patient surgery, am I allowed to drive a car, ride a bicycle or e-scooter, or travel on the underground, train or similar? Am I fit to participate in street traffic?

After a twilight sleep or general anaesthetic you are not fit to go home alone. You are not allowed to drive a vehicle – including a bicycle, e-scooter or similar – and you are not allowed to use public transport. It follows that you need to be collected by car from the practice clinic Wolff and Edusei by a companion. Please note that a taxi driver does not count as a companion.

Am I allowed to wear nail varnish at an operation in anaesthesia or do I have to remove it?

Nail varnish does not need to be removed for an operation in anaesthesia at the practice clinic Wolff and Edusei.

Am I allowed to smoke before a plastic-aesthetic operation?

Please stop smoking 1 hour at the latest before your appointment at the practice clinic Wolff and Edusei.

When and where is the preliminary consultation with the anaesthetist ('premed') held?

As a rule, the premed is held on the phone. Just give us a call on a Tuesday between 5 and 7 p.m. You will be given the number to call at the practice clinic Wolff and Edusei. However, a face-to-face premed can be arranged instead if required.

Am I allowed to drink any liquids before my plastic-aesthetic operation or should I refrain from eating and drinking altogether?

During the last 6 hours before your operation at the practice clinic for plastic and aesthetic surgery, in which you are no longer allowed to eat anything, it is all right to drink clear liquids. In fact you can drink water, tea or black coffee (with sugar if you like) up to 1 hour before the operation. But no dairy products or fruit juice, please.

I take medication regularly. Can I continue to take my long-term medication in spite of the upcoming plastic-aesthetic surgery and the anaesthesia?

At the preliminary anaesthesia consultation (‘premed’), the anaesthetist will explain to you which of your long-term medicaments you can continue to take before your operation at the practice clinic Wolff and Edusei.

Am I allowed to eat solid food before my plastic-aesthetic operation or should I refrain?

For a ‘twilight sleep’ or general anaesthetic to be able to be administered safely, it’s necessary for you to come to the practice clinic Wolff and Edusei for your surgery appointment without having eaten any food. That means that you are not allowed to have eaten in the last 6 hours before the operation. Please note that ‘food’ also includes dairy products of all kinds (i.e. also soya or similar).

Why do I need someone with me at home after an operation with an anaesthetic?

After an operation with an anaesthetic you need someone at home with you until the next morning. This is a mandatory requirement imposed by the health insurers and other professional organisations so that out-patient anaesthesia can be administered safely.

What should I bring with me to the practice clinic Wolff and Edusei on the day of my plastic-aesthetic operation?

Please bring the documents you’ve filled out for the anaesthesis – anaesthesia form and, if applicable, optional benefits agreement – to the practice clinic Wolff and Edusei on the day of the operation if we do not already have them at the practice.

Is it possible to change over from 'twilight sleep' to a general anaesthetic during a plastic-aesthetic operation at the practice clinic Wolff and Edusei?

Yes, it is possible to change to general anesthesia during a plastic-aesthetic operation.

Can any kind of plastic-aesthetic operation be performed in twilight sleep at the practice clinic Wolff and Edusei?

No, not all kinds of plastic-aesthetic operation can be performed under controlled analgosedation. The decisive factor is always the question of whether twilight sleep in combination with a local anaesthetic will be sufficient to suppress the expected surgical pain stimulus.

What is the difference between a general anaesthetic and 'twilight sleep' or 'semi-conscious sedation'?

In ‘twilight sleep’, you continue to breathe normally and your protective reflexes continue to function. So if you fall asleep during a plastic-aesthetic operation, you can be woken up at any time. Your perception is influenced by the sedation, but not disabled, so that you can register touch and manipulation.

What types of anaesthetic are offered at the practice clinic Wolff & Edusei?

Depending on the kind of operation being planned at the practice clinic Wolff and Edusei, various forms of anaesthesiological care can be brought into effect: 1. general anaesthetic; 2. ‘twilight sleep’ or ‘semi-conscious sedation’ in combination with local anaesthesia at the site of the operation; 3. regional anaesthetic (usually in combination with a general anaesthetic).

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