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Breast restoration or breast reconstruction

After a partial or complete amputation of one or both breasts as part of cancer or breast cancer preventive surgery (breast-conserving therapy or mastectomy), it is advisable to surgically rebuild the breast or breast reconstruction is possible. Most women find this to be particularly important, even in old age, as they feel robbed of the female integrity of their bodies and want to end their cancer and its consequences at a point in time they choose.

Many patients are fed up with having to use special bras with equalising pads, as in spite of the very best quality these are perceived as uncomfortable, especially in the summer months. On the one hand, these women would like to be able to show an appealing, symmetrical neckline when dressed. On the other, they wish to feel attractive again when standing naked in front of the mirror or in the eyes of their partner. Following a unilateral operation, the situation is often exacerbated by abnormal posture caused by imbalance.

The breast can be reconstructed with an implant, or using tissue from the patient’s own body (microsurgical reconstruction, e.g. DIEP), or by a combination of several options. The treatment method for breast reconstruction depends on a number of factors: the size of the breast, the nature of the tissue and the options for removing it, but above all on personal wishes and ideas. Our aims in breast reconstruction are to adapt the outward appearance in terms of volume, contour and consistency in such a way that the differences between the reconstructed breast and a natural breast are as inconspicuous as possible, and to enable the patient to stop wearing special medical equalising underwear.

Having said that, the breast which was not affected by the disease does not need to be adapted to the reconstructed breast in every case.

DURATION OF OPERATION: 90 minutes or longer

ANAESTHETIC: general anaesthetic


AFTER-TREATMENT: normally, compression bra for 6 weeks

PRESENTABILITY, RETURN TO WORK: depending on the method

SPORT: after 4 – 6 weeks, full performance after 12 weeks

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