With increasing age, the elastic fibres in the skin of the face diminish. As a result of this lack of resilience, the creases around the nose and in the cheeks may deepen, and the whole face, eyelids and neck may slacken. A facelift can provide a long-term remedy for this.

The formation of facial wrinkles is part of the natural aging process and can characterise a face and make it look beautiful. However, active people who have remained young at heart often no longer feel comfortable in their skin, since their outward appearance doesn’t correspond to the way they feel.

A facelift can greatly reduce these changes to the skin and subcutaneous connective tissue, including the muscles of the neck, restoring the face with its freshness and vitality for a long time. Thanks to modern facelift methods, this can be done without sacrificing the patient’s facial expression or personality, and without causing a mask-like appearance.

In this microsurgical operation, the soft tissue of the face is lifted and the skin of the face is given back its elasticity. In a facelift today, it is possible to perform a combination of lifting and volume replenishment with autologous fat. Our treatment methods include the following types of facelift:

  • forehead lift
  • temporal lift
  • eyebrow lift
  • cheek lift
  • neck lift

INDICATION: relaxation of the facial and neck soft tissues

HOSPITALISATION: out-patient, or in-patient with 1 – 2 overnight stays


ANAESTHETIC: semi-conscious sedation / general anaesthetic

RESULT: stable after approx. 3 months


SPORT: after 4 – 6 weeks

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