Breast lift

The aim of a breast lift (mastopexy) is to re-elevate the mammary gland and nipples, which gravity has caused to sag, to their original position, remove superfluous, sagging skin and thus give the breast as a whole a more attractive look.

The nipples and the areola can also be reduced correctively in this operation. Combination with a breast augmentation by means of lipofilling (autologous fat reconstruction) or implants is also possible. The way the incisions are made depends on the patient's findings. At the end of the day, it is not the number of scars that determines whether or not the patient feels comfortable with her breast, but a natural, enduring shape.

One surgical method consists in making an incision around the areola, a second, vertical incision from the lower areola through the lower half of the breast, and finally a curved incision in the skin duplicature below the breast. Under certain conditions it is possible to do without the vertical and / or horizontal incisions, so that there are fewer scars to be seen at the end. Having said that, an incision around the nipple is always necessary, as the nipple has to be raised.

DURATION OF OPERATION: 90 minutes or longer

ANAESTHETIC: general anaesthetic

HOSPITALISATION: out-patient, or in-patient with 1-4 overnight stays

AFTER-TREATMENT: compression bra for 6 weeks

PRESENTABILITY, RETURN TO WORK: 7 – 21 days depending on findings

SPORT: after 6 weeks, full performance after 12 weeks

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