Buttock lift

Skin surpluses may form as a result of flattened gluteal muscles and slackening of the skin on the buttocks. These surpluses can become particularly noticeable with increasing age, but also after major weight loss, for example in the context of pregnancy or lengthy illness.

If sporting activities or dieting fail to produce the desired success, with the patient's bottom remaining flat and flabby, it may be a good idea to think about a buttock lift.

By microsurgical treatment, surplus skin can be removed and the silhouette of the buttocks noticeably improved. The contours of the buttocks can be improved by accentuation, in particular of the lower gluteal fold at the crossover to the thigh and lifting of the tissue towards the upper pelvis. If volume is lacking, more rounded contours and more emphasis on the upper buttocks can be achieved by means of lipofilling (autologous fat transplantation). The healing process does not usually present any problems. Scars do remain – but as a rule they are inconspicuous

The buttock lift is often performed in connection with liposuction. If there is still enough elastic skin present, this method is absolutely sufficient, since the skin shrinks afterwards and firms up again all on its own.

The chances of success for a buttock lift are usually good, as is the permanence of the result.

INDICATION: slack buttocks, flat or oversized bottom

HOSPITALISATION: out-patient, or in-patient up to 2 days

DURATION OF OPERATION: approx. 2 hours

ANAESTHETIC: tumescence anaesthetic / semi-conscious sedation / general anaesthetic

PRESENTABILITY, RETURN TO WORK: 2 to 14 days – depending on the type of treatment

SPORT: after approx. 6 – 12 weeks

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