Volume replenishment for your face

Whereas earlier, attempts to rejuvenate the face involved lifting of the skin alone, the latest scientific studies in recent years have led to a better understanding of the fatty tissue compartments in the face. These have an important function in supporting soft tissue.

For genetic reasons and/or reasons that have to do with aging, some areas of the face may be disproportionally under-supplied with fatty tissue. And they continue to diminish further in the context of the natural aging process.

When some young women grow up, their genetic predisposition means that they do not have an attractive, kissable mouth. As women grow older, the volume of their lips decreases, and their jawline recedes. That makes them look narrow-lipped. And it’s difficult to hide those developments with lipstick and permanent make-up. Apart from that, the face loses its attractive three-dimensionality, sagging in towards the middle and downwards too.

The priority here is not on pumping the face up unnaturally and taking away its individuality, but on giving it back – and preserving – its youthful stability, fullness and soft contours.

This effect can be achieved with nature-identical substances such as hyaluronic acid, which are gradually broken down by the body after having achieved a stable long-term effect. Here, we use branded products only, which have a much better, more sustainable effect and improve the efficiency of the treatment.

Autologous fat from the patient’s own body, so-called lipofilling, in which natural and long-lasting volume replenishment can be achieved by removing fat from other regions of the body and subjecting it to special processing, is also a suitable alternative for a sustainable effect.

The volume transducers are injected, for example into the areas around the chin and cheeks, using a minimally invasive injection technique, to restore the face to its natural contours and stimulate its own collagen production.

Some remarkable volume effects can also be achieved in the breast and buttocks. Sometimes several sessions of surgery are necessary here before an appealing result can be achieved.

INDICATION: loss of volume in the face and on the body (breast and buttocks) caused by genetic disposition or age

HOSPITALISATION: normally out-patient

DURATION OF OPERATION: 30 minutes or longer

ANAESTHETIC: local or general anaesthetic

RESULT: immediate, final result with autologous fat after approx. 4 months

PRESENTABILITY, RETURN TO WORK: immediate, with autologous fat after approx. 1 week

SPORT: after 3 days at the earliest

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