Transgender – gender reassignment surgery

When a person does not identify with the gender assigned to him or her at birth and wishes to live as a member of the opposite sex, this is referred to as transsexuality.

Primarily, however, this is not in fact a problem of sexuality, but of being sure that one belongs to what is biologically the other gender and achieving recognition of that fact both socially and legally.

There are both women whose psychological gender is male and men whose psychological gender is female. Accordingly, persons in the former case are referred to as woman-to-man (WtM) transgenders or trans men. If the original physical gender is male but the psychological gender female, we refer to man-to-woman (MtW) transgenders or trans women.

Meanwhile, the way to outward gender reassignment has been paved, though it does feature many bureaucratic obstacles. Come and talk to us about it. We’ll sit down with you and help you to find your own personal way forward, and we’ll be on hand to help.

As the medical services in the place where they live are often rather limited, many trans people are prepared to take long journeys upon themselves to realign their phenotype, sometimes even travelling abroad, although there may not be sufficient provision for proper aftercare. If you have already had interventions, we offer follow-up care on site and advise you in case of complications.

In Germany, diagnosis of the transgender characteristic is geared to the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems – ICD for short – , issued by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Many transsexuals and trans people perceive this classification of their personal sense of gender as a disease or disorder as hurtful. Having said that, categorisation in ICD-10 and acknowledgement as a disease pursuant to the 5th Book of the German Social Security Code (SGB V) does have the advantage for the person concerned that the health insurance providers will take care of the costs of diagnostics and treatment once the diagnosis has been confirmed.

If you’re prepared to consider applying for the costs of gender reassignment surgery to be covered by your statutory health insurance provider, there are normally some requirements that need to be fulfilled first. These involve a psychological evaluation and report with surgical indication, a course of hormonal therapy with evidence of ‘living in the other gender’ for a certain period of time, and an official change of your name and personal status.

The start of the gender reassignment process usually sees the removal of the female breast with alignment to a male appearance or the build-up of a female breast. Often, the breast or chest, which does not fit in with the gender the person feels, constitutes the most major visible stigma for these patients. As for the surgical procedures that may be suitable in your case, that depends on your initial findings.

We offer you either adaptation to a male chest for WtM transgender people, or the build-up of a female breast for MtW transgender people. We can perform all the operations that may be necessary to achieve the optimum result, so that you can finally get closer to that long-awaited goal of uniting your body with what you feel.

We work together with a network of microsurgeons, gynaecologists, urologists and endocrinologists, who will also be there to help you in word and deed.

In a detailed consultation, we can sit down together and discuss what gender alignment measures are most likely to achieve the optimum result for you.

Ask our advice.

We’ll be glad to provide you with detailed information about this treatment. Simply get in touch with us now and obtain advice at an individual and absolutely personal level.

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