Eyelid lift

As the ‘mirror on our soul’, it is our eyes that express our feelings most clearly. If the area around our eyes is free of wrinkles it looks vital and friendly. By contrast, sagging, heavy eyelids make our facial expression look weary and fatigued. An eyelid lift can provide a long-term remedy for this.

Our youthful appearance fades more and more with increasing age. Because the skin on our eyelids is thinner than in other parts of the body, it is here that this slackness can be seen most clearly. The formation of wrinkles in the skin around the eyes is one of the first signs of the natural aging process.

Subjectively, creams and massage may give us a feeling of rejuvenation, but in most cases they cannot delay the inexorable aging process in the long term. Microsurgical treatment in the form of an eyelid lift is an effective measure.

Whether the patient has drooping upper eyelids (‘hooded eyelids’), slack, wrinkled lower eyelids (‘lachrymal sacs’) or shadows under the eyes, the aim of this operation is the rejuvenation of the area around the eyes. In the correction of the upper eyelids (upper eyelid correction) surplus skin is removed from the eyelid, the muscles are lifted and fat is removed. In a lift of the lower eyelids (lower eyelid correction) surplus skin and fatty tissue are removed or transplanted.

Because of the good circulation in this region of the face, the healing process following an eyelid lift is rapid. The scars are, as a rule, hardly visible at all.

INDICATION: hooded eyelids, lachrymal sacs



ANAESTHETIC: local anaesthetic / semi-conscious sedation / general anaesthetic

RESULT: preliminary results visible after approx. 1 week


SPORT: after approx. 2 – 3 weeks

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