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Practice clinic
Wolff & Edusei
Specialists in plastic and aesthetic surgery in Berlin

We’d like to offer you a warm welcome to the practice clinic for plastic and aesthetic surgery Dr. Wolff and Dr. Edusei. In our modern specialist practice in the heart of the vibrant capital Berlin, we offer a wide range of plastic and aesthetic operations and beauty treatments. Since the founding of the practice in 2018 the specialists in plastic and aesthetic surgery Dr. Andrea Wolff and Dr. Isabel Edusei have been practising together with a well rehearsed, empathetic team of anaesthetists and skilled medical personnel, and welcoming patients from Berlin, Germany and all over the world.
Consultation, beauty treatment, plastic-aesthetic surgery and aftercare – at their modern practice, not far from the historic Gendarmenmarkt, Dr. Andrea Wolff and Dr. Isabel Edusei always take care of their patients personally and with a high degree of kindness and sensitivity. We also have the possibility to perform out-patient surgery in our specialist clinic and thus cater to all levels of sophistication in a private atmosphere.


Microsurgical operations
at the highest level of precision

Congenital malformations, accidents or illness, diets, pregnancy and breastfeeding – at the practice clinic for plastic and aesthetic surgery Dr. Wolff & Dr. Edusei we offer a wide range of reconstructive and beauty operations. Even the minutest microsurgical treatment can contribute to improving the patient’s body awareness and the mental and physical quality of life associated with it. Especially in the field of ​​breast operations, the surgery in the intimate zone, liposuction and body lifting and in that of sex reassignment surgery, Dr. Andrea Wolff and Dr. Isabel Edusei have a high degree of expertise and many years of experience to offer. We’ll be glad to inform you about the treatment options we offer in a face-to-face conversation!


Cosmetic beauty boost
for body and face

Whether it’s just a consequence of the natural aging process, as determined for example by environmental influences such as ultraviolet radiation or nicotine, or the result of skin imperfections in the form of acne or liver spots, your skin can appear uneven and dull, sallow and anaemic over time. With minimally invasive surgery on the skin of your face and body, their freshness and vitality can be preserved or regained, giving you a new sense of wellbeing. For instance, we offer anti-wrinkle injections with botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid and anti-wrinkle injections with autologous fat (lipofilling) in our practice clinic .

Trust and open communication as the basis of a good relationship between doctor and patient

We stand for natural results and the very highest quality standards and see our work as a fine surgical craft, the aim of which is to produce aesthetic treatment results to give our patients a consciously positive physical awareness. Our work centres around our patients, their individual wishes and cares and, where applicable, their medical indications. Our specialists in plastic and aesthetic surgery Dr. Andrea Wolff and Dr. Isabel Edusei are your personal contacts throughout the treatment process. Transparency creates trust, so we always take the time we need to deal with all your queries.

Our services for holistic wellbeing

Apart from providing information on all aspects of your plastic and aesthetic surgery treatment, it goes without saying that we will give you advice on any other relevant topics such as insurance or financing for your operation. Furthermore, you can be assured that only tested, high-quality, branded products are used in our plastic-aesthetic operations and beauty treatments.
If there is anything you would like to ask about the services we offer in plastic and aesthetic surgery, or if you’d like to get to know our specialists Dr. Andrea Wolff and Dr. Isabel Edusei personally, you can book your preferred date and time in our Berlin practice conveniently on line and at any time of the day or night.
Make an appointment now – we look forward to your visit!
Please note: currently, patients with a medical indication or an enquiry about health insurance can only book an appointment during surgery hours by telephone. The number is030 – 94 041 144.

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