Upper arm lift

There can be various different reasons for an upper arm lift (brachioplasty). A slackening of the skin on the upper arms does not usually become noticeable until we reach an advanced age. However, this may happen earlier, for example after major weight loss or extreme sporting activities. If there is a genetic tissue weakness, this can exacerbate the slackening process still further.

When the skin slackens, it loses its natural elasticity. After a certain point in time, it is no longer able to shrink. Having said that, a loss of muscular mass may also be one of the causes.

Especially in the summertime flabby upper arms can affect sports activities and the lust for life so much that you literally no longer feel well in your skin. If this conditions takes on extreme forms, patients have to choose special clothing to disguise the appearance of their upper arms to their favour. As a matter of basic principle, sport, massage and a moderate diet do have a supporting effect in the contouring of the upper arms, but this is not usually enough to get these »problem areas« under control completely.

If there is a lot of fatty tissue in the upper arm, as in the so-called »lipedema«, for example, its volume can be reduced by liposuction. This can be achieved with a moderate skin excess on the upper arm inside a significant improvement in the contour and a larger operation can be avoided. If there is pronounced slackening of the skin, however, the surplus skin and soft tissue needs to removed surgically.

The operative removal of slack, surplus tissue on the upper arms inevitably involves more major skin incisions. Having said that, these are made in such a way that they are as inconspicuous as possible and not visible from the front.

The chances of success for an upper arm lift are normally good, as is the permanence of the result.

INDICATION: sagging or obese upper arms

HOSPITALISATION: out-patient, or in-patient up to 2 days


ANAESTHETIC: tumescence anaesthetic / semi-conscious sedation / general anaesthetic

PRESENTABILITY, RETURN TO WORK: after approx. 2 weeks

SPORT: after 3 – 6 weeks

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