satisfied patients
about the practice Wolff & Edusei – specialists in plastic and aesthetic surgery

Upper eyelid lift, facelift – Patient about Dr. Wolff on March 19, 2023 at jameda:
I can recommend her with full confidence!!!
“I have been a regular customer of Dr. for many years. Wolff. Initially I had hyaluronic acid and Botox injections. I previously went to another doctor. I previously went to another doctor. There I had Dr. met Wolff and was immediately convinced by her: by her attentive eye for aesthetics, her empathy, and therefore also the very sensitive individual advice and by the beautiful, natural results. Now I’m at an age where certain corrections are only possible through surgery: upper eyelid lift, facelift. I had this done by her and, as with the injections, I was convinced and thrilled by the delicate execution of the operations and the natural results: my expectations were met. I look in the mirror and am happy. I also felt like I was in good hands during the aftercare. In short: I feel like I’m in competent, good hands with her! I can recommend her with full confidence!!!”

Breast reduction – Patient about Dr. Edusei on August 23, 2023 at doctify:
The result is even more beautiful than I imagined.
“I am very satisfied with my experience with Dr. Edusei. I received detailed advice about my procedure and felt that I was in good hands. The operation went off without any complications and the night nurse was very friendly. The result is even more beautiful than I imagined. I can definitely recommend the practice.”

OP or beauty treatment – Patient about Dr. Wolff on June 30, 2022 at doctify:
I would recommend Mrs. Wolff again and again.
“I felt super comfortable with Ms. Wolff. She explained everything to me down to the smallest detail. I am more than satisfied with the result.”

OP or beauty treatment – Patient about Dr. Edusei on June 12, 2022 at doctify:
My experience is only positive.
“I’ve been with Fr. Dr. Edusei and I am very satisfied, she is super nice and helps and listens to you and finds a solution and lists all the methods and solutions so that you don’t have to be afraid with confidence and calm.”

OP or beauty treatment – Patient about Dr. Edusei on Google on June 30, 2023:
6 stars!
“As soon as we walked in the door, we knew we were in the right place, two big warm smiles at the front desk, and then Dr. Edusei was just everything a doctor should be: caring, empathetic, warm, and intelligent. Far too many doctors I have met here are only the last one, competent technicians with all the engagement of a counterperson at a transmission-fluid-changing place. I only wish we had come here first, but we’ll only go here from now on.”

Mastectomy – Patient about Dr. Edusei on Google on June 06, 2023:
I cannot recommend this Praxis/ Dr. Edusei enough!!
“I had a chest masculinization surgery and the whole process (from first consultation to after care) was/is really amazing- even with no complications personally. The whole team is knowledgeable, kind, communicative, and caring. As a person of color, I extra recommend this Praxis due to the special aftercare on scar treatment.”

Breast surgery – Patient about Dr. Wolff on May 09, 2023 at Jameda:
…the result exceeds my expectations.
“Dr. Wolff is a competent and empathetic doctor. I always felt well informed and trusted during the treatment. The procedure went smoothly and the result exceeded my expectations.”

OP or beauty treatment – Patient about Dr. Wolff & Dr. Edusei on Google on May 11, 2023:
Big thank you!
“Great team! I felt in good hands from the first moment! Simply recommended!!! I am very grateful to have found such a great clinic!”

Breast reduction & -tightening – Patient about Dr. Edusei on Google on April 28, 2023:
From the first moment I felt very comfortable.
“I was in for a breast reduction/lift. From the first moment I felt very comfortable. Before the first appointment, I was called by the practice team, reminded of the appointment and open questions were discussed. During the consultation with Dr. I felt very comfortable with Edusei, with her warm, open and empathetic manner, I immediately felt understood. The surgery went smoothly in the practice, where I was then very well looked after. There is a close follow-up check and Dr. Edusei takes his time and answers all questions. The result was great and I would always have me treated here again. Many thanks to the super nice practice team, surgical nurses and Dr. Edusei for the great care.”

Breast augmentation & -tightening – Patient about Dr. Wolff on Google on March 31, 2023:
Great practice!
“I was or still am with Dr. Wolff in treatment and I have always been very well looked after. The girls at reception/in the operating room also do a great job and are really nice. The preliminary talks and advice were also great. Time was taken. The surgery (breast augmentation + tightening) was super uncomplicated. I spent one night there after the operation, and this care was also great. The night nurse is also super nice. A great team! I’m super happy with the result too. I can highly recommend the practice and would go back again and again.”

OP – Patient about Dr. Wolff on March 5th, 2023 at Jameda:
The result of the surgery couldn’t have been better.
“I can dr. Highly recommend Wolff! Miss Dr. Wolff took a lot of time to answer all of my questions in detail about this very personal matter. Thanks to your very professional, competent, friendly advice and your very empathetic manner, I felt that I was in good hands. My great fears on the day of the operation were allayed by the very caring care of the operating room nurse and Dr. taken wolf. I would also like to rate the very good care after the operation very positively. The result of the surgery couldn’t have been better. I am very satisfied, happy and so happy to have gained a bit more quality of life as a result. If I had to have another operation, then only with Dr. wolff! I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Wolff and your entire team for the excellent work! I will always be happy to recommend you!”

Incredibly nice and competent team in a very pleasant atmosphere.
Patient about Dr. Wolff & Dr. Edusei on Google in February 2023.

OP or beauty treatment – Patient about Dr. Wolff on February 14, 2023 at Google:
The atmosphere was so positive that I felt right at home.
“Dr. Wolff was warm and empathetic from the start. Just like everyone else who works there. It couldn’t have gone better. Thank you for the great experience.”

OP or beauty treatment – Patient about Dr. Wolff in February 2023 on Google:
That was one of my best decisions.
“From Dresden to Berlin. That was one of my best decisions. I was with Dr. Wolf in treatment. I was warmly welcomed by the team and by Dr. Wolff. I immediately felt at ease. The preliminary talks were conducted with a lot of time and understanding. The team works really well and we always laughed a lot. I am Dr. Wolff super grateful.”

breast reduction – Patient about Dr. Edusei on February 12, 2023 on Google:
I am overjoyed with the result.
“I’m gender fluid and that’s why I had my breasts drastically reduced. Miss Dr. Edusei operated on me, she was very understanding, completely unprejudiced and implemented my wishes perfectly. I am overjoyed with the result, my dysphoria has completely disappeared. Many thanks also to the whole team, everyone was always super friendly and helpful.”

Breast reduction – patient writing about Dr. Edusei via Google on 29 January 2023:
I’m really happy I went with Dr. Edusei.
“I was looking for a surgeon to perform a breast reduction, and I’m really happy I went with Dr. Edusei. She managed to achieve a significant reduction in size and even correct the asymmetry I had before. Everything about the entire experience felt very professional and reassuring.”

OP – Patient about Dr. Edusei on January 10, 2023 at Jameda:
Everything is highly professional and you feel valued and respected.
“Miss Dr. Edusei is by far the most emphatic and competent doctor/surgeon one could wish for. She operated on me for the second time in January and I couldn’t have felt better. Everything is highly professional and you feel valued and respected. When you come into the practice, you have the feeling that you are visiting good friends. The receptionists Xxxxx and Xxxxx are both sunshine and so eager to please, it warms your heart. Without them, I would not have felt in such good hands for a long time. But also everyone else in the team, each individual makes sure that you are doing well and that nothing happens to you. There is a wonderful team atmosphere, there is a lot of laughter and you can tell how well this team harmonizes with each other. Miss Dr. With the surgery, Edusei gave me a new life that I had been waiting for and thinking about for so long. But I’ve known for years that when I operate on myself, it’s only on her. Not only does she look fantastic, she is fantastic on the inside – takes her time to address any concerns, but also gives you her honest opinion, but most of all she does an outstanding job. Also a big thank you to the anesthetist Dr. medical Xxxxx – I was terrified of the twilight anesthetic, but it was the best anesthetic I’ve ever had – so don’t be scared. I wish Mrs. Dr. All the best to Edusei and the whole team, always sunshine in your heart, a smile on your lips and a shine in your eyes. Grace para todo. xxxxx”

Surgical advice – Patient about Dr. Edusei on Google on December 17, 2022:
If I could I would give 10 stars.
“I was yesterday for a consultation on breast surgery with Dr. Edusei. I was surprised at her honest and open manner. If I could I would give 10 stars. Thank you for taking so much time.”

OP – Patient about Dr. Edusei on December 17, 2022 at Jameda:
I am more than satisfied with my visit to the practice and the treatment I received from Dr. Edusei.
“From the very first appointment I felt very comfortable and knew that I was in the best hands. This is particularly important when it comes to very personal issues, and I always had the feeling that Dr. Edusei and the whole team only want the best for me. The whole preparation, the surgery and now the time afterwards went great! I can only recommend the practice, both professionally and personally! On the day of my surgery and during the night, they took very good care of me, the entire team is there with a lot of heart and commitment! I am very grateful that I was able to have my procedure done there and I would recommend everyone to choose this practice.”

OP or beauty treatment – Patient about Dr. Edusei on Google in April 2022:
I am completely satisfied.
“Miss Dr. Edusei understands her profession. Great treatment result, competent advice and support, very courteous and extremely friendly team.”

OP – patient about Mrs. Dr. Wolff on Google in October 2022:
Great job, great practice.
“I was extremely satisfied with the result of the operation, and the team at the practice is also extremely friendly. And that, although I’m only panel patient.”

Botox & hyaluronic acid treatment – Patient about Dr. Wolff on October 7, 2022 at doctify:
The result is super natural every time (I know that differently too), which is one of the most important things for me.
“I have been a satisfied customer of Dr. Wolff and let her regularly refresh me optically with Botox and Hyaluron. I have never had great pain or discomfort, everything is always tip top. Miss Dr. Wolff and the entire team are very friendly and there is a relaxed atmosphere. The practice is of course in demand, so it is advisable to book an appointment in good time (which can also be done online).”

Surgical advice – Patient about Dr. Wolff & Miss Dr. Edusei on Google on October 15, 2022:
We recommend.
“I contacted this practice with an inquiry about various planned surgeries. Scheduling an appointment went smoothly. The employees were friendly. The advice was first class and comprehensive. I was informed about the pros and cons in a manner appropriate to the addressee.”

OP – Patient about Dr. Wolff on October 10, 2022 at Jameda:
A great result after a long search for the right practice.
“As a public health insurance patient, it is often not easy if “only” repairs (in this case a scar correction) are to be made. Luckily, after a long search, I was found at Wolff & Edusei found what I was looking for and I am super happy with the result. The practice team also played a major role in the fact that it went well and that I felt very comfortable. :)”

OP – Patient about Dr. Wolff at Google in September 2022:
I felt very good.
“Dr. Wolff took all my fears away. The operation went smoothly and the result is what I wanted. Many thanks to the whole team.”

Reconstructive Surgery – Patient about Dr. Wolff & Dr. Edusei on September 6, 2022 at doctify:
Very competent and friendly doctors and staff.
“I have had very good experiences throughout the treatment process. The surgery went very well and was painless. The doctor explained everything in detail during the first visit. She guided me through all the steps and the reasons why. As a medically anxious person, I felt very well looked after. I highly recommend.”

Surgical needling – Patient about Dr. Edusei on July 22, 2022 at doctify:
I rarely write testimonials, but for this practice I really enjoy doing it.
“I have always felt that I was in good hands and advised here. Miss Dr. Edusei is a really very competent, experienced and, above all, honest doctor who doesn’t make empty promises just for the sake of profit. She gave me very detailed advice and really took the time to do so. I am also very satisfied with the result after my procedure (surgical needling). The ladies at the reception are also very nice, polite and always try to make you feel comfortable as a patient. I can only recommend the practice!”

OP – Patient about Dr. Edusei on July 1, 2022 at Jameda:
Empathetic top doctor
“As part of a TV documentary, I was introduced by Dr. Edusei treated minimally invasive. My initial situation was very difficult due to the previous operation and several post-operatives had refused revision surgery. The result and the aftercare are perfect. Mrs. Dr. Edusei was always available and even asked about my well-being at the weekend when I expressed complaints (which were not related to the treatment).”

OP or beauty treatment – Patient about Dr. Wolff & Miss Dr. Edusei on Google in June 2022:
I would 100% recommend the practice.
“First of all, I would like to thank the whole practice team.
You are all a super nice, friendly, nice and competent team, from the nurses to the anesthesiologist to the doctor. Above all, very understanding and with great result and desire orientation. I would 100% recommend the practice. Thanks so much.”

OP – Patient about Dr. Edusei on Google on July 16, 2022:
For me the very best doctor, humane and professional.
“Am from Stuttgart to Berlin to Fr. Dr. Edusei driven. The long way was worth it. As a previously operated patient, I was only rejected. Mrs. Dr. Edusei accepted the challenge. There were no complications and the result is perfect and natural. I am Mrs. Dr. Edusei very grateful and can highly recommend her and despite the distance I would like to make the further journey from Stuttgart to Berlin in the future.”

Upper eyelid lift – Patient about Dr. Edusei on June 16, 2022 at Jameda:
So a lot of praise goes to Dr. Edusei and her entire practice team
“Steffen F, upper eyelid lift March 2022. After a recommendation from my dermatologist, I looked for the practice of Dr. Edusei to seek advice on an upper eyelid lift. I felt like I was in good hands right away and the team, with their friendliness and always in a good mood, made me decide to have this surgery in the practice. It was carried out on March 30th and I was completely satisfied with the course of the operation, the optical result and the aftercare. The optical result is particularly noteworthy. Even the people who knew about the surgery told me that although I look fresher it is barely noticeable and the visual field test at my eye doctor again had a very good result. So a lot of praise goes to Dr. Edusei and her entire practice team.”

Treatment – Patient about Dr. Wolff on Google in June 2022:
5 star rating
“I got myself from Dr. Wolff and I have to say that she is a very professional and emphatic doctor. I felt very well taken care of. I’ve had consultations with other doctors before and my gut feeling advised against it. At Mrs. Dr. Wolff, I felt very comfortable and understood very quickly. I can recommend her 100%.”

OP – Patient about Dr. Edusei on Google in April 2022:
Lucky grab!!!
“The first step into practice was really great, all employees are really super nice, helpful and empathetic. I have the first consultation with Dr. Edusei and knew from the first second that she was the right one. I felt very comfortable in her presence and of course that’s not the “normal case” with bare skin! Of course, the professionalism and expertise were also convincing, as far as I could judge. So I didn’t think twice and decided on them, because my gut feeling said yes, luckily!!! The result is simply incredible, I would never have imagined it looking as good as it does now. However, not only the doctor is an important aspect, but also the team around it, which I already mentioned above. Aftercare after the operation is something you don’t think about too much at first, but I also had a contact person at home for the first few days, day and night. That really helped me a lot, no question was too much or too “stupid”. Everyone went out of their way to support me and take away my worries and fears. I can only recommend this practice!!! With all my heart, thank you so much!”

OP – Patient about Dr. Wolff on April 27, 2022 at Jameda:
Sympathetic doctor
“On Mrs. Dr. I became aware of Wolff through research and read the countless positive reviews. During the consultation, I was given detailed advice and examined so that she could show me realistic results. She answered all questions and took her time with the appointment. The surgery went great. You and the staff took very good care of me at all times and the follow-up appointments also went smoothly. A big advantage of the practice is the spontaneous appointment allocation. The result is better than expected and I would go back to Dr. Wolf decide!”

OP – Patient about Dr. Edusei on April 5th, 2022 at Jameda:
Very, very good doctor with a great team
“I am very fortunate to have found this practice. 1. Dr. Edusei takes a lot of time for advice. 2. The whole team including the surgical nurse and reception are very nice and competent. 3. Ms. Doctor strives for the smallest possible scars. The result is excellent. Everything smooth and perfect.”

Breast surgery (breast reduction) – Patient about Dr. Wolff on April 15, 2022 at Jameda:
The new breast is beautiful and fits my body well.
“In 2020 I had a bilateral Mammareduk with Dr. Wolff. The entire staff of the practice is kind, friendly and warm. The salutation without a pronoun also worked well when asked. Unfortunately, there were post-operative complications, but they were taken care of extremely well – medically and personally. for dr Wolff and Dr. It was not only natural for Edusei to make appointments with me despite the public holidays, I was also always received gently and in a good mood. I know many doctors who would have made the additional appointments required by the complication only reluctantly and grumpily. at Dr. Wolff and Dr. Edusei, I didn’t have that feeling at all. Regarding the result of the operation: I am incredibly satisfied, the scar correction 1 year later is also healing very well. The new breast is beautiful and fits my body well. dr Wolff showed me many photos before the operation to explain what to expect. She was particularly careful to show me people with a similar stature and similar “before”. I found it very enjoyable that no unrealistic standards/ideals were shown. My spine has never been better (the surgery was for orthopedic reasons) and my quality of life has improved more than I could have ever imagined. The other employees in the practice and the cooperating anesthesiologist are also very nice, friendly and helpful. Even though the practice looks a lot like “expensive and plastic surgery,” I never felt out of place there or being judged on my looks. The receptionist knew me when I called. Also note: I have not encountered any anti-fat comments, which unfortunately is extremely rare in the medical field.”

OP – Patient about Dr. Wolff on April 10, 2022 at Jameda:
The result is awesome. I finally feel good after the surgery.
“About half a year ago I saw Dr. Wolff do my labia correction. In practice, I was very well received. Dr. Wolff took a lot of time to talk to me about the procedure and to clear up any uncertainties. The team implemented individual requests. I felt very well advised and looked after throughout the treatment period. The result is awesome. I finally feel good after the surgery.”

OP – Patient about Dr. Edusei on 02/19/2022 at Jameda:
Thank you for the extremely polite, competent and professional treatment in your practice.
“After more than 30 years of experience and countless operations in connection with multiple lipomas, I am really enthusiastic about Dr. Edusei and the whole team. From the consultation to the result – all expectations were exceeded and nothing was left to be desired. I have already had three applications from Fr. Dr. Have Edusei operated and will do it again and again if necessary.”

OP or beauty treatment – Patient about Dr. Edusei on Google in March 2022:
I’ll be back and I’m looking forward to it!
“Ms. Edusei is a super nice doctor with an absolutely objective eye for natural results. She takes a lot of time and discusses all the details in detail, which is why there can sometimes be waiting times, which is absolutely understandable. Compared to other practices I’ve been to before, a lot of value is placed on individuality and professionalism here and there is no mass processing. The women at reception are always very friendly and helpful.”

OP – Patient about Dr. Edusei on February 7th, 2022 at Jameda:
Professionally and personally top
“Ms. Edusei and the entire practice team are extremely friendly and approachable, you immediately trust them and are not disappointed, because there is no stress anywhere here. The treatment was explained in detail and openly, nothing was sugarcoated. It was really good to know that such an operation should not be underestimated. The surgery was carried out in the practice rooms, where you are well looked after. The result (post 6w) is fantastic, as are the examples shown.”

OP – Patient about Dr. Wolff on January 12, 2022 at Jameda:
Competent, emphatic and above all sympathetic doctor
“I was from Dr. Wolff and felt I was in good hands and above all enlightened from the very first minute. My experience with her is 1A and I highly recommend her. She was understanding, empathetic, emphatic, competent and very, very warm. Through the treatment by Dr. Wolff I was able to improve my quality of life a lot and at the beginning I didn’t expect to be so satisfied with my end result. Dear Dr. Wolff, you are doing a great job! They took away all the fears and worries of one young woman in particular and helped her to gain more self-confidence. Thank you very much for this wonderful time with you!”

Transgender / Breast Augmentation – Patient about Dr. Edusei on November 1st, 2021 on Google:
Very empathetic and professional advice
“After almost two years of hormones and a new life, I was ready to take this step. Unfortunately, I had previously experienced three rather daunting consultations. It was all the nicer to be welcomed so politely and competently in this practice. With her very empathetic and professional advice, Dr. Edusei picked me up in the right place and responded wonderfully to my worries and concerns. She recognized my wishes and fears and also took into account the special features of trans people. So I was able to take this step without any worries and I am very, very satisfied with the result. The surgery and aftercare was excellent and everything healed without complications. The result feels great and the aesthetic impression is for me personally and – as I have been confirmed several times – also for others, handsome and beautiful and most importantly, it looks balanced and natural! My life has gained significantly in quality as a result and I would do this step with her again at any time!”

Labia correction – Patient about Dr. Wolff on October 26, 2021 at Jameda:
Great caring doctor and team

“After almost 10 years of consideration, I finally decided to have a labia correction last year. Miss Dr. Wolff really is the perfect doctor for this. She is so emphatic and you immediately felt comfortable talking openly about everything. Her helper was also great and helpful. It was the best decision to date. You don’t recognize anything about an intervention and you think to yourself: why wasn’t it done earlier? You just feel so much more comfortable and the surgery was relaxed.”

Breast augmentation – Patient about Dr. Edusei on 08/30/2021 at Jameda:
Beautiful result. Friendly and competent. Thank you I’m happy!

“I was fully informed before the operation. Mrs. Dr. Edusei took a lot of time to understand my wishes and the ideal proportions for my dream breasts. At first I wasn’t sure if it would be possible to get an aesthetic result with my flat breasts and upper body. After the preliminary discussion, however, I felt that I was in very good hands and had complete trust. The result even surprised me in a positive way. The shape, size and position could not have been better – gorgeous, perfect. Thank you again! Finally, I was given comprehensive information about the precautionary measures to be taken in the first few weeks after the operation. Overall, the practice makes a high-quality and modern impression. Recommended.”

Breast surgery – Patient about Mrs. Dr. Edusei & Dr. Wolff on Google in February 2021:
Breast lift

“Because I was gaining and losing weight a lot, I had a lot of visual problems with my breasts. I suffered silently for myself. Until I decided to have my breasts lifted and shaped with implants. I’ve been to three different doctors. I just felt like a customer with others, which I am, but I didn’t feel like I was in good hands. That was with Dr. Wolff & dr Edusei different from the first moment. I went to dr. Edusei. A very caring, caring and highly competent doctor. I was looked after very well before and especially after my surgery. I recently had my second and last surgery. Glandular tissue was removed from my armpits. I was operated on at the Meoclinic because I am a high-risk patient. Not wanting to keep me under anesthesia any longer than necessary, Dr. Edusei and Dr. Wolf is operating. I can only emphasize it again: both doctors are very competent and very friendly. I would highly recommend both. Thank you for the quality of life I got back again.”

Scar correction – Patient about Dr. Edusei on January 28th, 2021 at Jameda:
Great practice

“Very good atmosphere in practice. Well-founded and insightful advice. I had a complicated scar correction in the abdominal area. The entire course of the surgery – before, during and after the surgery – was just FIRST CLASS. Care, enlightenment and especially the technical competence were provided by Fr. Dr. Edusei excellent. And the end result was perfect. I can fully recommend the practice. Keep it up.”

Upper eyelid lift – Patient about Dr. Wolff on December 28th, 2020 at Jameda:
Upper eyelid tightening with excellent results

“On November 19th, 2020, after a detailed consultation in August, I had an upper eyelid lift with Dr. Wolff. The closer the surgery date got, the more nervous I became and was even on the verge of a cancellation. After a phone call to one of the nice medical assistants, most of my fears were taken away. The surgery went very well, I opted for a twilight sleep and didn’t notice anything. Afterwards, I was looked after very nicely by Marie, one of the medical assistants. The swelling and bruising had reduced significantly after a few days and the stitches were removed after 10 days. That also went smoothly. After almost 6 weeks you can only see one thing: an EXCELLENT result! Thank you Ms. Wolff and her entire team.”

Labia reduction – Patient about Dr. Wolff on November 16, 2020 at Jameda:
Labia reduction

“From the consultation to the operation and aftercare, I was completely satisfied and the end result is of course beautiful. The surgical intervention under local anesthesia was completely painless and the postoperative course was free of complications and complaints.”

OP – Patient about Dr. Edusei on October 13, 2020 at Jameda:
Again and again!

“The consultation and treatment with Dr. medical From the consultation to the aftercare, Isabel Edusei was absolutely gorgeous. I felt very comfortable right from the first consultation. The practice team is super friendly and Dr. Edusei takes a lot of time to clarify all questions and concerns. I am also totally satisfied with the result! All in all, I would highly recommend the practice. I am incredibly happy that I chose Dr. Edusei decide to have.”

Tummy tuck – Patient about Dr. Wolff on September 21, 2020 at Jameda:
Very pleasant advice & great surgical result. Takes a lot of time!

“I have Mrs. Dr. Wolff at the beginning of 2020 to get advice on a tummy tuck and I immediately felt comfortable in the practice. She always took her time before and after the operation and made me feel like I was in good hands. My operation took place at the meoclinic in Berlin Mitte, where I was accommodated in a single room and was able to stay in the hospital for one night. Everything went smoothly there too, despite my blood clotting disorder, and I was able to go home the next day. It’s been 4.5 months since my major tummy tuck with navel transplant (surgery date end of April 2020) and the result so far has exceeded my expectations. Miss Dr. So I can only recommend Wolff!”

Breast lift – Patient about Dr. Wolff on May 14, 2020 at Jameda:
Breast Implant Removal and Lifting

“In March 2020 I saw Dr. Wolff had a breast implant removal and lift done. The surgery went well and I have no pain. The result is just perfect. I’m happy to have finally done what I’ve wanted to do for many years. I can recommend the practice with a clear conscience. I would like to thank you very much for a successful operation and the loving care and attention of the whole team and especially to Dr. Wolff.”

Breast reduction – Patient about Dr. Edusei on April 30, 2020 at Jameda:
Trustworthy, patient and competent surgeon. I’m very satisfied

“Dr. Edusei reduced my breasts on 12/17/2019. I felt I was well advised from the start and was thoroughly informed about the risks and possibilities. She always took the time to answer all of my questions and concerns adequately. My surgery was now 3 1/2 months ago and I am overjoyed with the result. dr Edusei reduced my double H cup to a D cup. I got through the surgery just fine. dr Edusei came to me directly after the operation and informed me about the result and the course of the operation, which I found very friendly and reassuring. Now, 3 months post-op, I can say that everything went great and she took just as much time in the follow-up treatment as before. Overall, Dr. Edusei is a trustworthy, friendly, patient and very competent surgeon who I can warmly recommend to everyone.”

Breast augmentation/breast lift/nipple correction – Patient about Dr. Edusei on February 18, 2020 at Jameda:
Great treatment!!!

“A breast augmentation (including “breast lift” and “nipple correction”) was carried out very professionally, but also with a lot of empathy. The result is 100% satisfactory. The before and after treatment was just great.”

Chemical Peel – Patient about Dr. Edusei on September 16, 2019 at Jameda:
Chemical peeling with great results

“At the beginning of August 2019 I went to the practice and was told by Dr. Have Edusei do a chemical peel. Consultation and intervention were carried out with a great deal of empathy and in a pleasant, friendly atmosphere. The healing process went the way Dr. Edusei prophesied: The first 5 days after the treatment I had hard, wrinkled skin with increased elasticity like a Sherpa in Tibet, but then it peeled off more and more and the tender, new skin appeared, smooth and without wrinkles. The application of various creams that I had received in the practice accelerated the healing process. My work colleagues noticed this immediately and they all asked where I had been, I looked so relaxed… Well, in Berlin. What more do you want?! Any time again!”

Transgender/Mastectomy – Patient about Dr. Edusei on 08/12/2019 at Jameda:
Wonderful and empathetic doctor who knows her subject!

“My experience in practice surpasses all previous experiences with doctors. I am a transman (mastectomy) and was taken very seriously from the start and felt well advised and supported by Dr. Edusei. She is a gentle and very empathetic doctor who has an excellent command of and understands her subject. The result exceeds all my expectations and hopes. I would like to thank the entire team for the excellent support.”

Breast reduction – Patient about Dr. Wolff on August 10, 2019 at Jameda:
Professionally and personally in excellent hands

“Dr. Wolff was my first port of call when I was in the breast reduction decision-making process. I immediately felt seen and understood in the consultation, and was explained in detail. Intuitively, she was immediately “my” doctor for me. […] In the meantime I had the surgery done. The result is already (after 2 and a half weeks) extremely nice and the size – as far as one can tell at this early stage – as targeted. Miss Dr. Wolff took me and my wish “as small as possible” seriously and asked again on the morning of the operation to be on the safe side. The operation was performed in the practice’s operating room, both doctors assisting each other with their patients during major operations. The anesthesiologist they work with was also fantastic – despite the almost 4 hour operation, there was no intubation, for example, I wasn’t dizzy or nauseous, I woke up as if I had just slept soundly. The mood and the tone among each other in the practice and in the team are extremely good. You could also be discharged home after the operation with an escort. I preferred to take advantage of the overnight care offered (because of the distance and drainage). I felt safe and well cared for there. The surgery, the result and the entire process from the first consultation to the ongoing follow-up appointments could not have been better and less complicated for me.”

Labia reduction – Patient about Dr. Edusei on January 30, 2019 at Jameda:
Outstanding Doctor & Team, great surgical result, new attitude towards life

“Miss Dr. Edusei has an exceptionally professional demeanor while being very warm and trustworthy. The consultation with her gave me a sufficient basis to decide on the surgery (labia reduction). The operation went very well – from the reception/welcome, through the preliminary discussion to the actual operation, I felt at home with Dr. Edusei and her team are in good hands. What I found particularly pleasant was the feminine atmosphere in the practice – no rush, beautiful interior design, cheerful, radiant, attentive staff. The surgery not only gave me a new body, but above all a new attitude towards life as a woman, for which I thank Dr. Edusei am infinitely grateful.”

Upper eyelid lift – Patient about Dr. Edusei on January 14, 2019 at Jameda:
Beautiful eyes

“Thank you for the patient and comprehensive advice, the successful, pain-free surgical procedure, which is now making my face shine again. After just one week, the result of the upper eyelid lift is stunning.”

Labia reduction – Patient about Dr. Wolff on July 2nd, 2018 at Jameda:
Inner labia reduction

“After an unsuccessful labia reduction, which left me with stabbing pain and scars, I decided to have another operation. Doctor Wolff gave me very good advice and I am very happy with the second operation. The scars are gone and so is the pain. I encourage any woman who is unsure which doctor is right to seek Dr. Wolff to decide. She is very competent and particularly skilled in the field.”

Gynecomastia – Patient about Dr. Edusei on 06/26/2018 at Jameda:
Really good!

“Hey! A slightly pronounced gynecomastia was removed flawlessly for me. In addition to her medical expertise, Dr. Edusei also extremely personable and charming :). She also took a lot of time for me. Nothing to be taken for granted. What more do you want.”

Breast augmentation – Patient about Dr. Wolff on June 26, 2017 at Jameda:
My breast augmentation TOP TOP Many thanks, Dr. Wolff

“I had my breast done in February by Dr. Had Wolff enlarged to a full C cup and it was the best decision of my life. I have been to various plastic surgeons, took a lot of time to choose the doctor and ultimately listened to my gut feeling and asked Dr. Wolff, where I felt I was in good hands and had competent advice, I’m super happy with the breast. Thanks. You are the best Mrs. Dr Wolff, thank you very much.”

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