Hair transplantation

Hair loss (alopecia) can affect women as well as men, but it mainly occurs in youngish men (so-called androgenetic alopecia). The loss of the hair on their head often constitutes a major psychological stress factor for those affected, and this can lead to problems in their private and their professional life.

Aside from a few hormone preparations, hair transplantation is at present the only durably effective method of helping a man who suffers from hair loss back to denser, natural-looking hair.

Treatment makes particularly good sense in cases of genetic hair loss, since with this condition the hair loss only occurs in certain areas. In cases like this, hair roots can be taken from healthy regions and transplanted to the affected areas. If the hair loss has a pathological cause, this method is only feasible to a certain extent.

Hair transplantation is a minimally invasive microsurgical operation, which as a rule has no or very few complications. It can be performed in one or more sessions. It is important that we agree on the type of transplantation that makes most sense before the treatment, because there are different methods available for the individual hair type. In individual cases of localised hair loss, microsurgical methods which involve local defect coverage by means of flap grafting can also be used.

Let us advise you as to which form of treatment is likely to be appropriate in your case.

INDICATION: hair loss, alopecia


DURATION OF OPERATION: 1 hour or longer

ANAESTHETIC: usually local anaesthetic / semi-conscious sedation

RESULT: immediate, up to several months

PRESENTABILITY, RETURN TO WORK: after approx. 4 days

SPORT: after approx. 2 weeks

Ask our advice.

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