Even a small
treatment can help to
improve the quality of your life in the long term

The range of our microsurgical services includes reconstructive operations following accidents, tumours or wounds, and the whole range of so-called beauty operations, from eyelid correction via breast correction to lifting of the abdominal wall. Take as much time as you like and find out about our range of microsurgical treatment options. We’ll be glad to be at your service for more information and a personal consultation. We’d be delighted if you were to make an appointment with us.


Revitalising the facial expression

With increasing age, the skin of our face and neck loses its elasticity and contour. Wrinkles on the forehead, in the oral region, in the area of the cheeks, the eyelids or the chin and neck area deepen. Via microsurgical treatment of the tissue and muscles in the face, unwelcome creases and wrinkles can be treated with success and in the long term. In our practice, we offer various options for giving your face its natural, vital expression back again.


Getting your breast back into shape

A woman’s breast is the symbol of her femininity par excellence. But as the years go on, many factors have an influence on its shape and size. Pregnancy and breast-feeding, changes in weight, illnesses, the menopause and increasing age all leave visible signs. Today, these can be corrected successfully thanks to the possibilities offered by modern breast surgery. In the context of our microsurgical treatment, we offer breast operations for men and women in both plastic and aesthetic surgery.


Getting rid of the body's 'problem areas'

If in spite of fitness, sport and dieting your subcutaneous fat won’t go away and you’re not satisfied with the way you look, we can attend specifically to your ‘problem areas’ and get your body back into shape. Many women – and increasingly men as well – decide in favour of liposuction or, if the soft tissue mantle of their skin has begun to slacken and sag, in favour of a lifting operation of the upper arm, thigh or lift of the abdominal wall, giving their body more contour back. This is also usually necessary if they have lost a greater amount of weight and the skin is overstretched.


Reestablishing the functionality of the hand

The main task of a surgical operation on the hand is to reestablish its flexibility, strength, stability and sensitivity. Today, gentle, modern surgical techniques make it possible to reconstruct even the very finest nerves, arteries and veins. In the context of our microsurgical treatment options, we offer operations and therapy for diseases of the hand such as the carpal tunnel syndrome, Dupuytren’s contraction, snapping finger, tendovaginitis and pathologies caused by tumours or burns. In the case of more complex pathologies, we work together with doctors from various different disciplines.


Surgical treatment of skin injuries and diseases

With certain conditions of the skin, for example scars which have not healed well, chronic wounds or burns and their sequelae, surgical treatment makes a great deal of sense. In most cases, a marked improvement of the body’s surface can be achieved by surgical intervention. But other conditions too, such as excessive perspiration, lipedema or lymphatic oedema can be treated successfully with a specific microsurgical operation.

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