Thigh lift

The skin on our thighs does not usually slacken until we reach a certain age, but it can happen earlier after major weight loss, for example in connection with dieting or extreme sporting activities. If in addition to that there is a genetic weakness of the connective tissue, this can exacerbate the slackening process even more.

Particularly in the summer, and particularly when they're wearing shorts or short skirts, slackness in the thighs can make women feel inhibited in their sporting activities and seriously impair their joie de vivre. It is true that in some cases the fat layer can be reduced by healthy nutrition, enough sporting activity and a mild diet, but because of the loss of elasticity in the connective tissue on the thighs, in particular on the insides of the thighs, a skin surplus remains.

With modern microsurgical methods, this surplus mantle of skin and soft tissue can be reduced by a thigh lift, reestablishing a firmer thigh contour.

If there is a lot of fatty tissue in the thighs, the lift can also be combined with a liposuction. If there is a moderate surplus of skin on the inside and outside of the thighs, this combination can bring about a marked improvement of the silhouette and render a more major operation unnecessary. However, if the slackening of the skin on the thighs is more pronounced, the surgical removal of the surplus skin and soft tissue is advisable.

The surgical removal of slack, surplus tissue on the thighs inevitably involves more major skin incisions. Depending on the medical findings, the incision is made horizontally in the groin, or, as an alternative, vertically on the inside of the thigh, so that it follows as inconspicuous a course as possible.

The chances of success for a thigh lift are usually good, as is the permanence of the result.

INDICATION: sagging thighs, surplus skin on the legs


DURATION OF OPERATION: approx. 2 hours

ANAESTHETIC: general anaesthetic


SPORT: after approx. 2 – 3 months

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