The wish for a trim figure and an attractive body outline is quite natural. It is true that sport and healthy nutrition help to bring us a bit closer to our ideal figure, but some subcutaneous fat often remains stubborn, even when the figure as a whole is slim.

The surgical liposuction method (a.k.a. body-forming or liposculpture) is particularly suitable for the treatment of these problem areas. In liposuction, local subcutaneous fat is removed by suction in an attempt to correct the body silhouette. After this microsurgical operation, the proportions of our body look more even – the body looks slimmer.

On the one hand, liposuction is no substitute for natural weight loss, but in patients who are only slightly overweight and have unflattering physical proportions it can definitely provide some incentive to continue to reduce weight.

Liposuction can be performed anywhere where excessive accumulations of fat are perceived as unwelcome: chin, hips, abdomen, thighs, calves, upper and lower arms etc.

The chances of success with an operation like this are usually good, but they vary from individual to individual and must therefore be discussed thoroughly in a personal consultation prior to any operation.

At present – in spite of all the promises made in advertising – liposuction is the only proven method of removing fat in problem areas in the long term.

It is also very suitable as a therapy for lipedema.

INDICATION: excess fat on the abdomen, bottom, hips, upper and lower arms, accumulations of fat in the legs, deposits of fatty tissue in the male chest


DURATION OF OPERATION: depending on findings

ANAESTHETIC: tumescence anaesthetic / semi-conscious sedation / general anaesthetic


SPORT: depending on operation, after approx. 3 weeks

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