Microsurgical scar correction

A scar correction may become necessary – from either an aesthetic or a medical point of view – as the consequence of an injury, burns or an operation. Above all, facial scars are often perceived by many of those affected as unwelcome and ugly. Sometimes, scars also cause symptoms such as pain and itching. Indeed, they can even lead to restrictions in the mobility of a joint.

In general, a distinction is made in problematic scar formation between exuberant scarring, the so-called hypertrophic scar, and the so-called keloid, which extends out beyond the borders of the original wound. These two types of scar call for different methods of treatment.

If conservative scar therapy measures featuring scar creams, silicone gels and cortisone injections have been carried out and proved unsuccessful, it may – depending on the findings – be a good idea to consider surgical scar correction.

Special microsurgical operation techniques usually make it possible to leave a scar that looks more handsome. Which method is used in scar correction depends on the character of the scar, but also on the age of the patient, the localisation of the scar, the skin type and the cutaneous circulation.

Simple excision of the scar and resuturing, for example, can already bring about some improvement, but sometimes more elaborate microsurgical techniques need to be used if the desired objective is to be reached. These may be so-called z-plastics, w-plastics, swivelling flap plastics or other skin flap plastics.

It is true that scars cannot be removed completely in scar correction, but these techniques do usually result in scars which are much smaller and less conspicuous than they were before.

INDICATION: cosmetically unwelcome scarring that causes functional problems

HOSPITALISATION: in or out-patient, depending on findings

DURATION OF OPERATION: 30 minutes or longer

ANAESTHETIC: local anaesthetic / semi-conscious sedation / general anesthetic

RESULT: preliminary result normally visible after 1 week

PRESENTABILITY, RETURN TO WORK: immediate in some cases

SPORT: after 2 weeks at the earliest

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