Hyaluronic acid injection

Hyaluronic acid is a gel-like, endogenous substance which supports the elasticity and hydration of the skin. If the concentration of hyaluronic acid in the body is sufficient, the skin is handsome and free of wrinkles. However, as the level of hyaluronic acid in the male or female body drops with age, the skin loses its elasticity and vitality, and wrinkles, creases and furrows form, and these can be bothersome and impair our well-being.

By the injection of fine doses of hyaluronic acid, affected areas of the face can be evened out specifically, firming up the skin and enhancing its volume replenishment and extensive rejuvenation. This intensely hydrophilic connective tissue substance supports the elasticity of the skin, giving it back its resilience and volume, endowing the face with a fresh, more vital look.

Young people often wish to compensate for congenital asymmetries in their face (e.g. nose) or emphasise certain areas (e.g. thin lips, receding chin).

Older people also wish for a restoration of the contours of their face in the three-dimensional plane (e.g. those with hollow cheeks, marred cheekline contour, aging effects around the eyes, nasolabial creases, thin lips, wrinkles around the mouth).

The aim is to preserve the individual character of the face and accompany the natural aging process. We disapprove of mask-like ‘pillow faces’.

Depending on the manifestation of the wrinkles and the aesthetic region, only proven hyaluronic acid fillers from reputable manufacturers are used in hyaluronic acid injection in our practice. There is a range of different fillers available for different indications. For reasons of tolerability, we prefer pure, completely degradable hyaluronic acids. These products contain a local anaesthetic, so the treatment does not cause any discomfort to speak of.

In cases of allergy or intolerance, we can also use preparations without a local anaesthetic on request.

In many cases, it makes good sense to combine hyaluronic acid with treatment with botulinal toxin, thread lift or chemical peeling.

INDICATION: wrinkles, contour irregularities, loss of volume and support structure in the face

TREATMENT: injection with microneedles or microcannulas


ANAESTHETIC: local anaesthetic on request, cooling

RESULT: immediate, with improvement of effect as time goes on

DURATION OF TREATMENT: normally 15 – 30 minutes


POSSIBLE COMPLICATIONS: proven treatment with low side effect rate – in isolated cases there may be minor external side effects (e.g. bruising)

DURABILITY: 9– 24 months

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