Breast augmentation

Today, breast augmentation is one of the most frequently performed operations in aesthetic surgery. The reasons for a breast augmentation can be highly individual. Breast augmentation with implants (plastic augmentation surgery) may be an option for women whose breasts have not developed, or hardly developed, or the size of which has diminished unfavourably as a result of major weight loss or pregnancy and breast feeding. The treatment with autologous fat is often perceived as more natural and is aimed at women who find a silicone implant disturbing.

Breast implant

The advantage of a breast implant is that much larger breast sizes can be achieved than in a breast augmentation with autologous fat. In a breast augmentation by means of implants, silicon gel implants are normally inserted via an incision made in the mammary fold. These implants are either round or anatomically pear-shaped. They are inserted beneath the gland or beneath the pectoral muscle to produce a natural breast shape. However, it depends not only on the desire of the patient, but also on which anatomical conditions she brings, which implant can be selected. In most cases, biocompatible silicone with a textured surface or polyurethane foam-coated implants are used.

Before surgery, the patient is included in the choice of implant during examination and consultation, and implants are demonstrated. During the operation, moreover, it is possible to simulate the definitive result with so-called trial implants before the actual implant is finally inserted. These days, silicon implants are very well developed in terms of their quality – many manufacturers offer a lifetime guarantee. Having said that, breast implants do not usually have lifelong durability in the human body, so sooner or later they need to be replaced.

We also offer breast augmentations in the context of gender reassignment operations in cases of man-to-woman transsexualism. Here, it is a question of paying heed to the particular anatomical characteristics of the patient when planning the operation.

We offer our patients and patients, who have been pre-operated on an outpatient basis, annual and on-demand follow-up examinations for their breast implants.

Autologous fat (lipofilling)

The most common reason for performing a breast augmentation with autologous fat is that women are not prepared to tolerate foreign bodies in their chest, or that they have doubts about complications and the durability of silicon implants in their body. Treatment with autologous fat also helps to replenish volume deficiencies or soften silicon implant edges which have become visible or palpable. Above all, the true advantages of this method lie in the possibility of tissue modulation and a more natural appearance, because when the patient's own fatty tissue is used the breast continues to feel natural.

In the autologous fat method, the body's own fat is taken from problem areas - for example, from the hips - carefully prepared using special instruments and subsequently injected into the breast in different layers (lipofilling). The fatty tissue cells then have to connect up with the local vascular system. Some of the cells, on average about 40%, are broken down by the body. To achieve a certain size, it may be necessary to repeat the procedure once or more than once. The patient's body weight should remain as stable as possible both before and after the operation.

This procedure is only suitable for women with cancer under certain clinical conditions. The costs are only covered by the health insurance provider in exceptional cases. We'll be glad to arrange a personal consultation with you at which we can discuss in detail whether this method is an option for you, and if so under what circumstances.


ANAESTHETIC: general anaesthetic


AFTER-TREATMENT: compression bra for 6 weeks

PRESENTABILITY, RETURN TO WORK: after approx. 2 days

SPORT: after approx. 4 – 6 weeks, full performance after 12 weeks

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