Treatment of tendovaginitis

Tendovaginitis begins in the hand, usually because of a constriction of the tendons which are responsible for the extension of the thumb. In this clinical picture, there is often pain on the radial side of the wrist when the thumb is moved. The causes of tendovaginitis are mostly work-related over-use, or movements which are rare or unaccustomed.

If conservative treatment such as the short-term immobilisation of the hand or attempts to bring about detumescence by injection or medication remain unsuccessful, the inflamed tendon should be treated surgically.

In this minimally invasive microsurgical operation, the constricting section of the synovial sheath is opened, bringing quick and permanent relief.

DURATION OF OPERATION: approx. 30 minutes

ANAESTHETIC: optionally short anaesthetic or brachial plexus anaesthetic

HOSPITALISATION: mostly out-patient

AFTER-TREATMENT: suture removal after 10 – 12 days

PRESENTABILITY, RETURN TO WORK: depending on profession, usually after approx. 7 days

SPORT: after complete healing

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