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FAQ Breast implants:
Here you will find answers
to the most frequently asked questions

Which are the best breast implants / Which breast implants do we use?

We are a manufacturer-independent practice for plastic and aesthetic surgery. We currently use breast implants from Polytech and Motiva. Both companies are characterised by the highest quality standards and offer breast implants with a high level of compatibility. The filling material is a cohesive (cross-linked) silicone gel, which imitates natural breast tissue as closely as possible.
The specially optimised surface of the implant shell ensures better tissue fixation, which reduces the risk of implant rotation. The implant surface also enables insertion via a small access point. The risk of capsular contractures (so-called capsular fibrosis), double capsule formation or late seroma (wound water formation in the implant site) is reduced.
Polytech breast implants are manufactured in Germany. A speciality in the implant range are the B-Lite implants, whose weight is considerably lighter than that of other silicone implants due to the tiny borosilicate hollow spheres, so-called microspheres, embedded in the standard silicone gel. They are nevertheless highly resistant. They are particularly suitable if the skin-soft tissue mantle is already sagging and cannot bear much weight.
Motiva’s breast implants are also particularly durable and robust. The Ergonomix range is characterised by a particularly optimised natural imitation of the look, feel and movement of the enlarged breast.
However, not every breast implant is best suited to every breast.
We would be happy to advise you in detail on the various implant models in a personal consultation at our specialist practice for plastic and aesthetic surgery in Berlin.

Do breast implants last a lifetime?

Breast implants generally have a limited lifespan, although the newer generation of implants made from high-quality materials are theoretically designed to last forever. We cannot say with certainty how long the implants currently used by individual manufacturers will last.
All relevant data will only be recorded in the federal implant register from mid-2024.
Reasons for replacing breast implants can include wear and tear, ruptures (implants could burst or leak), physical changes due to e.g. weight changes, pregnancy or natural signs of ageing as well as complications such as capsular fibrosis or dissatisfaction with shape and size. In addition, technological advances in implant development could incentivise patients to replace their existing implants with more modern, improved models in a repeat breast operation.
In any case, regular medical examinations are important to monitor the condition of the implants and take action if necessary.

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