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FAQ Tubular breast deformity:
Here you will find answers
to the most frequently asked questions

Are the results of surgical correction of tubular breast deformity permanent?

The results of surgical procedures to correct tubular breast deformity can be long-lasting. Of course, they are subject to the natural ageing process and other factors (e.g. individual circumstances, pregnancies, health factors). For optimal results, it is also important to follow the surgeon’s recommendations for aftercare and care of the breasts.

When is the best time to correct a tube breast?

The best time to correct a tube breast is after the completion of breast development at the earliest, typically after the completion of puberty. This allows for a better assessment of the anatomical conditions. In any case, an individual consultation with experienced specialists is crucial to determine the optimal time for breast surgery and to recommend the most appropriate method for correcting the tubular breast deformity.

Can a tubular breast deformity be corrected surgically?

Yes, a tubular breast deformity can be corrected by surgery. The choice of the best surgical method depends on the individual characteristics of the tubular breast. Breast surgery with breast implants, breast augmentation with autologous fat, a breast lift or a combination of these surgical techniques can be used to treat the tubular breast deformity. Our specialists for plastic and aesthetic surgery, Dr Andrea Wolff and Dr Isabel Edusei, will be happy to advise you personally and discreetly about the treatment options for tubular breast deformity. You can conveniently book your consultation appointment for this online.

What are the causes of a tubular breast deformity?

The causes of a tubular breast deformity lie in a genetic disorder in which the connective tissue of the breast restricts the normal development of the mammary gland. This results in the mammary gland not being able to fully develop in the lower area, while the upper area is often normally developed. In some cases, all four quadrants of the breast are affected. This insufficient development of the breast tissue is due to stuck structures in the connective tissue. During fetal development, the sprouting, growth and spread of the mammary ducts (milk ducts) does not occur properly into the lower parts of the breast, which later leads to inhibition of breast growth during puberty. The resulting upper glandular volume cannot be adequately maintained and bulges forward through the areola. In addition, reinforced ligamentous structures inside the breast may deficiently inhibit skin development, which also promotes tubular breast deformity.

What does a tubular breast look like? What are the characteristics of a tubular breast deformity?

Tubular breasts can be characterised by several features, including a narrow base, a pointed or conical shape of the breast, an excessively high inframammary fold, large areolae and a large space between the breasts. These features can vary and occur to different degrees.

What is a tubular breast deformity?

A tubular breast deformity is a congenital or early developmental breast abnormality that, unlike other breast malformations, occurs only in females. In medical terminology, the term “tubular breast” refers to a congenital maldevelopment or malformation of the female breast that may be unilateral or bilateral and may vary in degree. Typically, the breasts in a tubular breast deformity are elongated and have a conical or tubular shape that deviates from the familiar breast shape. It is therefore also called a tubular breast, trunk breast or cone breast.

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