Breast removal (mastectomy) as part of gender reassignment

Regardless of their sexual orientation, many people feel as if they are imprisoned in the wrong body.

Normally, the acknowledgement of »woman to man« transsexuality requires a psychological report with surgical indication, an official change of name, and hormonal therapy with proof of having lived for a prescribed period in the other gender, so that an application can be made to your health insurance provider requesting coverage of the costs of reassignment operations.

The series of gender reversal operations is usually begun by removal of the female breast (mastectomy), that being the main visible stigma for the patient. Which surgical method can be used in your particular case (e.g. perimamillary access or free nipple transplantation) depends on your baseline findings.

You can learn more about breast amputation under breast removal.

During the procedure, you can choose from some options, for example a microsurgical reconstruction of the penis, a so-called »penoid«, or a removal of the uterus and ovaries.

In this context, we cooperate with reputable gender reversal surgeons.

We will be glad to accompany you and look after you during the preparation, course and performance of your gender reassignment operations. Just get in touch with us!


ANAESTHETIC: general anaesthetic / semi-conscious sedation


AFTER-TREATMENT: compression foundation-wear for 6 weeks

PRESENTABILITY, RETURN TO WORK: after approx. 7 days

SPORT: after 4 – 6 weeks

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